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Updated: 9/21/2019
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  • Enzymes could be slowed down by inhibitors by certain types of toxic acids
  • This is an Enzyme in out point of view! Enzymes are proteins
  • Also if your temperature is low your enzymes will start to slow down and not work as well
  • If you body reaches up to 104 degrees your enzymes will start to die due to temperature change
  • dead enzyme
  • This is an enzyme
  • The enzymes and Substrates go so well together they are like a lock and a key. This binding makes the enzymes ability to catalyze (cause or accelerate) its reaction it needs to make to help their human
  • This is a substrate
  • Enzymes react very fast to anything it has to do. However if their no enzymes to help purify the toxins in your body. Your body can be in serious danger because first off, you don't have anymore enzymes to fight off anything. Secondly because you will have toxins in your body,
  • Enzymes are not wasted or destroyed while doing reactions, they can keep on going until their really destroyed and the way their destroyed is by very toxic acids
  • Enzymes have their own specific shape with a active site. The active sight fits perfectly with the substance
  • Toxic acids turn into water and oxygen once enzymes finish purifying the toxic liquids and converts any negative stuff into stuff our body needs ever single day in order to survive
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