American Revolution
Updated: 11/20/2017
American Revolution
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  • Colonists tossing crates of tea over the side of the ship in protest of the tea act.
  • The Quartering act was when colonists were obligated to either pay for or provide a place to live.
  • Can I stay here?
  • The stamp act was more tax on stamps and you needed special kind of British paper to do anything with paper involved and that led to a boycott of British stamps.
  • Im sorry there's nothing i can do about it your stamp is $0.22
  • The sugar act resulted in a boycott of British goods and smothering of molasses and sugar.
  • Yeah
  • You got Sugar?
  • When "rebels" started throwing snowballs and pebbles the British fired back with guns.
  • The American Revolution threw off the course of U.S. history. And is still one of the most well known war in history.
  • FIRE!!!!!
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