Updated: 3/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I did not put any importance on the car. I just went directly to my house.
  • It was a Saturday. The president died on Friday. Sunday passed normally. But on Monday, started the worst weeks of my life.
  • Hey son. Where were you?
  • Okay. Do not worry about it. But from now on please arrive here.
  • I was watching the soccer game at Gahij's house. Then we heard gunshots outside. So Gahij's parents preferred that I stayed there.
  • My dad felt terrible. Why was he getting fired and not the Hutus? Now we did not had any incomes. From this point, things only got worse.
  • First day of the first terrible week. On Monday my father got tired.
  • Why am I getting fired? I have done all my work in a short time and excellent quality.
  • I am very sorry. But the company owners have ordered to fire all the Tutsis that work in this company.
  • Is mainly to avoid any conflict between the ethnic groups.
  • For me, that Monday was pretty bad too.
  • Hi son. How was school today?
  • What rumors?
  • Why? What happened?
  • Well, to start with Gahij did not go to school today. Also, when I was packing my bag to come back home, I heard some rumors.
  • Today was a terrible day.
  • I liked going to school and being with my friends. Well at least with the persons I thought were my friends.
  • That is terrible. But it is not official yet. There is still hope.
  • Well, apparently at my school, the presence of Tutsis is going to be forbidden. Students and teachers. Or so I heard.
  • Then, it was Tuesday's turn to suck. And it actually did. The rumors that I heard the day before were true.
  • After lunchtime, I had something that the school decided to call "extra ordinary homeroom". It was to discuss the situation happening between Hutus and Tutsis. I remember that I sat down next to my "friends".
  • I was kind of surprised he said my name. Remember that I told the school I was a Hutu but some how they heard the truth. When he said my name, all of my friends were looking at me, as if I was an alien or something like that. It was the first time I felt like that,. And for sure it was not the last.
  • The names that I am going to say, are the students that will no longer be welcomed here.
  • ........Rutayisire Masengo Gilbert!
  • He said about two names before mine.