ZeroBoxer Storyboard
Updated: 12/6/2019
ZeroBoxer Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Carr Luka lost his first fight and does not want to lose ever again.
  • The book is about Carr Luka, his fights and experience with zeroboxing. (yes it is in space)
  • Carr Luka could not afford to do bad in this fight if he did he would not get another contract and have to go back to Earth but he won.
  • In the story you learn that some zeroboxers have modified genes and take drugs to boost there performance which is illegal. Carr likes that he does not have modified genes.
  • Carr Luka finds out he has modified genes. This puts everything he loves and works for at risk.
  • Carr Luka did well in the fight so a agent wants to give him another contract for more money than he has ever made before.
  • The agent is a Martian they are taller than people from Earth.
  • Luka also finds out he gets a manager with the contract. ( They start liking each-other so its a important part)