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pdh assessment task
Updated: 3/26/2020
pdh assessment task
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  • You and your friend are at a party. Suddenly, someone pulls out drugs and is offering everyone some. What should you and your friend do?
  • Drugs
  • Hey everyone, try out these new drugs!
  • Oh no! What should we do?!
  • Well, we could stay at the party and do drugs with everyone else to fit in. Or we could stay at the party and just not do the drugs.
  • Or... we could make an excuse to leave the party and go to my house and do something fun.
  • If we stay here and do drugs the people here might think we're cool, but we could get addicted. If we stay and don't do drugs then we won't get addicted, but we'll still be exposed to them and people might not think we're cool.
  • And if we left the party then we wouldn't get to hang out with our friends, but we also wouldn't get addicted to the drugs.
  • An internal influence could be that we want to be included and thought of as cool.
  • And an external influence is that our friends are trying to pressure us into trying the drugs.
  • To make the decision easier let's ask ourselves if our parents or grandparents would approve of our decision.
  • That settles it then! Let's go!
  • My parents and grandparents would not want me to be around or trying drugs. They would want me to leave immediately.
  • This is so much more fun than being at that party!
  • Avengers Endgame
  • This was definitely the right decision!
  • Ice cream is so much better than crack!
  • Brianna and Brisa
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