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La summative assignment
Updated: 9/20/2018
La summative assignment
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  • Exposition
  • This is soo boring,
  • Hi, I am Jumanne. I am going to lead you on this tour of The New China Heritage Museum.
  • Conflict
  • Lets get this over with. 
  • Rising Action
  • Tech Guy
  • In the book I was reading, The Zodiac Legacy, it begins with Steven (the main character) in a tour in an Chinese museum in china.
  • Climax
  • The conflict of the story is character versus character. Steven, Jasmine, Carlos, and other kids (with zodiac powers), are trying to stop Maxwell, other kids (with zodiac powers), and Maxwell's private army.
  • Falling Action
  • Steven (Tiger), Jasmine (Dragon), Carlos (IT), go around the world to get Roxanne (Rooster), Nick (Ram), Kim (Rabbit), and Pig (Pig). These children have gained the powers of the zodiac, and were taken to a fort in Greenland to be trained on how to use their powers, and how to defend themselves against Maxwell and his army. Many battles have clashed, leading up to the final war.
  • Resolution
  • the final war.
  • MISSING Subject: Jasmine Why: Unknown Close relatives: Steven, Carlos Information: Last seen wearing a red jacket and white under shirt. She was also wearing black pants, and black shoes. She was scared, and left no trace.
  • During the climax, Maxwell leads a raid against Jasmine at Jasmine's headquarters. He leads his private army, and some Zodiac powered kids. The antagonists end up gaining the upper hand, since they got the element of surprise. However, because Jasmine knew Maxwell would come to attack, she trained all of her pupils.
  • V.S
  • The protagonists and antagonists fought. Eventually Maxwell was defeated. Then all of the antagonists fled, thus causing the protagonists to win the war. 
  • In the conclusion, the war was won, and the Protagonists were glad and joyful about the victory. However, They were also sad because Jasmine left them trying how to contain all of the dragon energy. Soon after, she left, Carlos left the group and started looking for her. Since two of the three original members stayed, the others were depressed.
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