Updated: 7/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Are you ever in class struggling to finish your work because of all the noise around you?
  • Well Research shows that music can help reduce the human stress, anxiety and pain as well as improve your focus skills and mood; music can increase a student's productivity and they can get a lot more work done within a short period of time. Music is very effective to everyone to help them focus on work and not what is around them.
  • Many teachers say that students are not allowed to wear their headphones while doing their work in class, this is because they think it's distracting and frustrating getting distracted by your peers so often. Not having music in your ears while having your friends in your class is very distracting, because it causes you to stop doing your work and talk to your friends.
  • Teachers say that music can reduce a person's chances of memorizing important information but, when listening to music you get your homework done faster and can spend the rest of the time memorizing and studying for a test etc. Music is seen as a distraction to the school board, because people like to change their songs a lot but teachers think that the student is just on their phones texting. Changing the songs based on a students mood just to help them focus on the task and finish it by the deadline that the teachers want.
  • Classes are normally very quiet when the students are listening to music; this really helps the teacher to get whatever marking they have to do done; in peace and quiet without distractions from their class. Teachers should really consider letting students listen to music in class considering they usually complain about their class being too loud, many students work better with music than without.