the school is like a cell

Updated: 5/19/2020
the school is like a cell

Storyboard Text

  • The entrance to the school
  • I am the ghost of the kids' productivity
  • The principal's office
  • woof
  • The canteen
  • The entrance to the school is like the cell wall. It controls what goes in and out.
  • The lockers
  • The principal's office is like the nucleus. It is the one that controls the cell.
  • The students
  • The canteen is like the ribosomes. It makes protein and feeds it to the cell.
  • The power room
  • i am a normal child and not a ghost
  • The lockers are like the vacoules. You can store things in them.
  • The students are like the golgi apparatus. We process food and knowledge. The golgi apperatus processes protein.
  • The power room is like the mitocondria. It powers the cell.