Updated: 2/2/2021

Storyboard Text

  • 323 BCE- Alexander never made it back to Greece, And he visits Babylon and gets sick. And Alexander died a few days later at age 33, his body was buried inside a gold coffin.
  • 323 BCE- Alexander's generals fought for power, and three powerful generals divided the empire among themselves.
  • 323 BCE- Alexander's empire was by far the largest the world had ever seen. A new blended culture develops throughout his empire.
  • 334 BCE- He attacked the Persians, but, Alexander didn't hesitate because he knew his troops were trained really well. they successfully defeated Persians, and Alexander visited Gordium in Asia while he was fighting the Persians.
  • 336 BCE- After king Phillip II died, Alexander took his place, he was only 20 years old at the time, but he was a strong leader. Alexander had destroyed Thebes and enslaved Thebian people.
  • 359 BCE- Phillip II became the king of Macedonia , and spent the first year of his rule fighting off invaders who wanted to take over his kingdom.