John and his savings account 3.0

Updated: 9/14/2021
John and his savings account 3.0

Storyboard Text

  • So, how has your life been since you moved out?
  • John Talking To Mary
  • Good, I just bought a 80 inch Tv! It cost 5000 dollars
  • Oh wow, that's a lot of money, I hope you saved up!
  • Oh yeah, don't worry, I can afford it. Anyways, I have to get going, so see you later!
  • Breaking News! There is a global pandemic
  • Oh my god! I need to buy supplies with my savings account!
  • It is called covid 20 and it is very deadly! Hurry and get supplies and shelter!
  • Ok, I have all my supplies, I just need to wait.
  • One Year Later
  • Wow, there are almost no people left. I'm lucky I had a savings account to pay for all the supplies. I wish Mary did too.
  • The End