english project 1/26/2021
Updated: 1/28/2021
english project 1/26/2021

Storyboard Text

  • It was my first day of High school as a freshman at my new school. I'm really nervous but excited.
  • York Prep School
  • In my first class I meet all my classmates. They seemed pretty chill.I'm Deqavious Winthorpe.I think we have lunch now.
  • What's good bro my names is Rifiki DeAndre Bartholomew but they call me EDot! Whats your name? Lets go!
  • EDot you play any sport or video games?Word me too.
  • Yeah, I like to play basketball, football and 2K ode. How about you?
  • Yo what's your favorite song and Artist. My two favorite songs are Dior and Big Drip. MaxThaDemon is my favorite rapper.
  • School is over I hope you had a great first day!
  • Oh word! I get lit to Whoopty and Love Sosa. My favorite rapper is either Bobby Shmurda or A Boogie. FInally school is over.
  • Yo Deqavious what the word with the links. You want to go play some basketball down the block from my crib? Say that!
  • STOP
  • Bet I'll slide.
  • Lets play one on one and see whos better.
  • Bet!