Romeo and Juliet
Updated: 3/8/2021
Romeo and Juliet

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  • I want Justice for my dear nephew Tybalt! I want Romeo dead
  • Romeo shall be exiled from Verona.
  • Tybalt challenged Romeo to a fight but Romeo spoke kind words to Tybalt and was not willing to fight. So Mercutio and Tybalt fought leading to Tybalt slaying Mercutio. And Romeo in his anger killed Tybalt when he returned, then fled.
  • Juliet is thinking about committing suicide, but when the nurse hears that, she tells Juliet that she will go get Romeo for her.
  • Oh Juliet, Romeo has killed my dear friend Tybalt.
  • Oh. Romeo is a snake inside. But how can I curse my husband. His banishment is worse than 10,000 Tybalt murders.
  • Banishment is the same as death, just a different word.
  • Oh, stop winning. You have committed a crime deserving death yet you received mercy. You're wife is still alive. Go comfort her tonight and leave before daybreak. You can come back when we have made your marriage public
  • The prince has shown you mercy, he has spared your life, and banished you from Verona
  • Oh, I wish tomorrow were Thursday
  • Though Juliet is mourning for her dear cousin Tybalt, she will marry you by Thursday, because I say so.
  • You ungrateful bastard. I have found an excellent husband for you and yet you reject him. If you do not marry count Paris you will no longer be my daughter.
  • I will not marry count Paris
  • Oh don't use such harsh words towards he