Updated: 3/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Kayla
  • I have to show this to Jessica!
  • Trey
  • Hey whats your name?I am Trey
  • I hope Kayla doesnt see me
  • Nelson
  • i dont believe Trey is cheating on me this has to be an misunderstanding.
  • jessica
  • Look Trey is cheating on you,you should dump him now!
  • That was so scary i almost had a heart attack!!!!
  • Oh that was a close one kayla almost saw me!!!
  • Oh isnt that Nelson with another girl.
  • I cant believe you are cheating on me and i thought Trey was the one cheating you are terrible person.
  • I am sorry it was a mistake but I really Love YOU!!!
  • Its not your fault he was a terrible monster who didnt deserve you.