Six Big Ideas Visual! - Briana M.

Updated: 10/17/2021
Six Big Ideas Visual! - Briana M.

Storyboard Text

  • We're not the only ones that have laws to obey!
  • Limited Government
  • Legislative
  • I can make laws!
  • Executive
  • We each have different powers!
  • I can enforce laws!
  • Separation of Power
  • Judicial
  • I can review laws!
  • Legislative Branch
  • These buildings should receive free food every Friday!
  • Executive Branch
  • Checks & Balances
  • Absolutely not! Veto!
  • Judicial Branch
  • Aw darn..
  • Just turned 18 yesterday and can’t believe we can vote for a representative in an equal system, its great!
  • votin' for George Washington?
  • Republicanism
  • Nope.
  • Local Government
  • I am able to declare war and make treaties. Cool right?
  • Wow, they have lots of power.... I guess I'm glad I can at least do things like run public schools!
  • We can both collect taxes and regulate banks!
  • Federal Government
  • I can make marriage regulations and establish local governments.
  • Federalism
  • State Government
  • I don't really like his proposal, I think I'll vote for someone else...
  • Candidate
  • Vote for me and I'll give you a free football!
  • He's got my vote!
  • Voters
  • Popular Sovereignty
  • Eh, whatever.