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Archetype story
Updated: 2/18/2020
Archetype story
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  • Setting
  • Exposition
  • Introduction of conflict
  • Hazel hiding spot/ hangout is near the river. Most of the story is located here. She will discover who she really is here.
  • Rising action
  • Hazel is on her way to school, walking from the river. When she enters her class she notices a new kid that was on a wheel chair. She wanted to be friends with him
  • Climax
  • After school she arrived home, she was putting on the necklace her mom gave her before she left when she was little. She noticed a mark on her back so she told her grandma who lives with her. Then she told her that later pn she would turn into a fairy
  • Falling action/ resolution
  • She was very freaked out about this so she left to her new friends house, peter came and hazel took him to the river hideout. She told him and he was worried. He told him that his parents are looking for fairy blood to cure my disease. That they are very close to finding you.
  • There was a noise in the woods and it was the hunters , behind them was her grandma, she was following them because she knew she was in danger. The grandma called hazels “lost” mom which was actually the leaders of the fairy’s and she was gonna kill the hunters but hazel said no, she started to sing and the power caused peters disease to be cured.
  • Hazel talked to her mom and was finally reunited, her questions were answered. Hazel, the mom and grandma went home to continue the training of hazel
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