Escape the Girlyness
Updated: 9/22/2020
Escape the Girlyness

Storyboard Description

A non-girly princess hates being girly!! She escapes but her mom tries to find her. ¨Not all princesses or girls have to be girly.¨ says Harmony, the non-girly princess.

Storyboard Text

  • I love it here but I hate being girly. UGH! I do not want to be a princess.
  • YES!! I escaped!! Now I need to get new clothes and dye my hair.
  • My new house!
  • YAY!!
  • I need to find Harmony!!
  • TAP!!TAP!!TAP!!
  • AHH. Now I can relax. No rules or girlyness for me!
  • I LOVE this apartment!
  • Fine. I´ll go.
  • Please come home!! We miss you! Being girly is great!
  • I would NEVER! I hate being girly!