Buddhism's Story
Updated: 12/20/2019
Buddhism's Story
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  • Siddhartha journeyed through the village with a friend and saw a sick man, an old man, and a dead man. He realizes that all life is suffering and wants to find the meaning of life.
  • He proceeded to meditate and study in a cave for 6 years and pray. A young girl had brought him rice and water. Siddhartha accepted but his 5 companions believed he had broke the ascetic life. He soon created the Middle Way.
  • Siddhartha sat under the Bodhi tree for many days meditating until one day he became Buddha. He began teaching others about Buddhism and spread their stories.
  • There was once a Prince named Siddhartha Gautama. He had lived in a palace not knowing what the outside world was like. One day, Siddhartha and his charioteer went out into the village to see the palace walls. He came upon a sick man, an old man, and a dead man. Siddhartha was confused on why this was happening and why it happened to others. He then realized that all life is suffering. After learning that, Siddhartha wanted to find the meaning of life. He also saw an ascetic on his journeys. He decided to leave the castle and lead the ascetic life from there on out. He proceeded to meditate in a cave for 6 years to study and pray. Living and ascetic life had meant starving and refusing water. Siddhartha had practiced his new life path with 5 ascetics. They then became his followers. One day, a young girl had brought him rice and water. He had accepted but his 5 followers had found out about Siddhartha breaking his ascetic life path. They then left him. From there, he created the Middle Way. The Middle Way had represented a way of following a path of balance. Siddhartha went on and found the Bodhi tree and sat under the tree for several days until the truths he searched for were found. Another day came and an evil demon named Mara had challenged him and his right to become a Buddha. Luckily, Siddhartha had beat Mara and gained the power to being a Buddha. From then on out he became the "enlightened one". Once becoming the enlightened one, he discovered the 4 Noble Truths. Sooner or later he discovered Buddhism. A religion practiced in India. Buddhism wasn't very known until Siddhartha began teaching it. He wasn't sure if teaching Buddhism to others was the right thing to do. The king of gods, also known as Brahma, convinced him to teach. Till this day Buddhism has gone around being spread with it's stories and ways. After leaving the Bodhi tree and 100 miles later, Siddhartha came across his 5 followers who had left him. He decided to preach his teaching as many more people gathered around. It was known as the Setting in Motion the Wheel of the Dharma. It provided the explanations of the 4 Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. The 5 followers ended up turning into his disciples. Siddhartha lived to be 80 and proved that life may be suffering but that it was the way of living. He is known for being the beginning of Buddhism and the spread of it. Many more years later Buddhism was being known by more and more people. It originally began in China because it's known to being where Siddhartha had became a Buddha. It had spread through Asia during the Gupta Empire. Especially during the time period of 320 to 500 A.D. Buddhist merchants had even built temples and buildings on trade routes. The monks and nuns staffing the religious sites spread the religion by preaching and teaching travelers. Buddhism may have been just a small religion celebrated by a few people but it ended up being practiced by many people around the world.
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