Math Project
Updated: 2/5/2020
Math Project
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  •  Jason and seven other friends went out to eat. Their total bill is $400. The waiter is getting $18 in a tip from each friend including Jason. Everyone is splitting the bill equally. How much does one friend pay NOT including the tip?
  • you can write it in an expression to help you solve 8( j+ $18 )=$400J= how much each of us are paying not including tip
  • The total bill is $400, including our food and paying the waiter $18 in tip
  • How much are each of us paying WITHOUT tip
  • So if the bill is $400 and there are eight of us, 400/8=50 and if we are each paying the waiter $18 in tip, but we need to find out how much we are paying without tip you subtract 50-18
  •  8( j+ $18 )=$400 8j+ 144 = 400 -144 = -144 8j = 256 8 8 J = 32
  • 8( j+ $18 )=$400j=32, we each pay $32 not including the tip.
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