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Updated: 9/17/2018
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  • The National Assembly called a meeting to discuss them having more power because they were unhappy about their rights and having to pay all the taxes
  • Tennis Court Oath
  • Fall Of The Bastille
  • The women marched to the Bastille and tore it apart brick by brick, because they were unhappy with their current leaders which forced the king and queen to move to Paris where other people had power over them.
  • Women's March To Versailles
  • A group of women demanding bread for their families gathered other discontented Parisians, including some men,and marched toward versailles, arriving soaking wet from the rain. The king agreed to meet with some women and promised to distribute bread to the crowd 
  • King Louis XVI was forced to sign the declaration because the people were unhappy with him being the leader 
  • Declaration Of The Rights Of Man And Citizen
  • When queen of France Marie Antoinette was indicted, months after the execution of her husband Louis XVI during the french revolution, she asked that she would not "suffer Long"
  • King Louis and Marie Antoinette on Trial 
  • RIP Louis XVI
  • Reign of terror
  • A period of violence that occurred after the French Revolution, incited by conflict between two rival political factions, the Girondins and Jacobins, and marked by mass executions.
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