Updated: 3/31/2020
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  • the Lord's manor
  • hello, i am sir antoine. i am the lord of this manor
  • i will build bridges, schools, and universities too increase education
  • Charlemagne
  • Charlemagne was a great ruler, he was kind and handled the empire well
  • Feudal society
  • During the Medieval ages, the feudal society helped bring lords and vassals together.
  • After the fall of rome, the germanic tribes took over. The region divided into many small kingdoms. Charlemagne was a king that reunited the holy Roman Empire.
  • Feudalism
  • i hate being treated unfairly!
  • Charlemagne's main goal wa to spread Christianity and reunite the small kingdoms. He achieved these goals and created the middle ages or the medieval period after the Roman Empire but before the Renaissance.
  • Feudal Pyramid
  • I'm a noble, which means i have power because of my status
  • The lords provided the vassals with land in exchange for military service and other services. Feudalism also helped protect communities from warefere and violence. Feudalism let power be distributed among a group and not one person.
  • Roles
  • As a noble, i have many things to do. i go to meetings and take care of my estate
  • Feudalism provided some security and unity but it did not have enough power to unite bigger areas and nations. People could use force and violence to get their way. Small feudal governments could not afford big public projects.
  • Feudalism also came with disadvantages...
  • The feudal pyramid included the Monarch or king at the top. Then came the nobles and priests. After them were the knights and on the bottom were serfs & peasants. Most of the feudal pyramid consisted of serfs & peasants.
  • what would you like me to do sir?
  • Nobles had to go to meetings, and go to court as judges Knights went to tournaments etc... peasants worked at the field all day.
  • as a noble women, i take care of the estate when my husband is absent
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