Mrs. Taylor

Updated: 1/17/2019
Mrs. Taylor

Storyboard Text

  • One Sunday afternoon on the empty streets where cars only passed by every now and then there could be seen someone jogging. Her name was Madison, Madison had been jogging every Sunday for the past month to prepare for the 200 meter race that was going to take place next week. As she was jogging down the streets she had seen another person jogging towards her, when she looked at the persons face she saw that it was Grayson.
  • As they jogged passed each other Madison planned to ignore Grayson, They had never been on the best terms. Just because they were always competing with each other. She remembered about this one time where they were in school, she had been walking down the hallway with her friends when she noticed him looking at him. When she glanced at him his first reaction was to say "what're you looking at stupid" and walk away. Even though he had been the one looking at her first he still came at her with a rude response for no reason.
  • what're you looking at stupid
  • By the time she had stopped daydreaming Madison noticed that he was already gone. She continued on until she arrived at her house, when she got into her house she went onto her phone and saw that she had 24 text messages from her bestfriend. When she read the texts her bestfriend had told her that she overheard Grayson talking about her at the grocery store.
  • The next day at school the first thing Madison was