Jen's Story
Updated: 11/24/2019
Jen's Story

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  • No! Clean your bedroom and you will call her tomorrow!
  • Jennifer, you will start the school tomorrow, ok?
  • Ok, but can I call Angelica please?
  • cool. I start my new life in a rich school and it's raining!
  • Oh!!! A new student!! We will go talk to her, she looks sad!!
  • Jennifer!!! Don't cry!!! We are in a taxi! It isn't polite!
  • But mom!! I'm in a new school with no friends at 7289 km of my best friend!!
  • Ok yes. You can take your supper in your bedroom if you want.
  • Jennifer.. I'm sorry for my crisis in the taxi. Do you want to eat and call Angelica after?
  • Ok, but I'm not really hungry, mom. Can I go call Angelica?
  • Jen... Don't desperate! I'm sure that tomorrow you will have friends...
  • Angel... I have no friend and I'm in a school of rich...
  • Oh Jen!! I'm really happy to see you!
  • I'm Jennifer! And you?? I am really happy to meet you.
  • We are really happy to meet you too, Jennifer. We are Elly, Megan and Sofia.