Acids and Bases

Updated: 5/19/2020
Acids and Bases

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  • Neutralization Process
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  • OK, how am I going to make this an interesting lesson? I guess I will need to try some different methods.
  • Your next class will be about the difference between acids and bases. Be sure to give the students a fun and memorable lesson. From, Principal B
  • Acids - taste sour; liquid; corrosive (harmful) to metal
  • Base - tastes bitter; slippery; not corrosive to metal
  • I could use vinegar and orange juice for the acids and dish soap and glass cleaner for the bases.
  • Maybe I can start by showing them some household items and ask them to guess if they are an acid or a base.
  • Bases accept protons.
  • Salt - an ionic compound is formed.
  • Acids donate protons.
  • The mixing of an acid and a base is called the neutralization process.
  • Bog bodies are the remains of human bodies that have been preserved in the highly acidic conditions of peat bogs
  • Then I could show them the neutralization process by letting them mix the acids and bases.
  • And finally we we can watch a video about bog bodies to give them a break and teach them a little more about preservation and how acids and bases react to differnt materials.
  • Ok class, today we will be learning about....