"The Ransom of Red Chief"
Updated: 1/20/2021
"The Ransom of Red Chief"

Storyboard Text

  • Britney Monterroso
  • Mathew watched as the small, undeleterious bug scared Rita.
  • undeleteriousDefinition: Not damaging/ doesn't cause harm.Synonym: Harmless
  • Incontinentlydefinition: : in an incontinent or unrestrained mannerSynonym:uncontrolled
  • Cynthia's incontinently laughter made her fall to her knees.
  • Group 2 Period 8"The ransom of Red Cheif"
  • vicinityDefinition: a surrounding area or district synonym: Neighborhood
  • This Vicinity looks like a pretty good place to live.
  • Undeleterious
  • ReconnoitreDefinition: To make an observation of a region.Synonym: Investigation
  • I'm back from the nocturnal reconnoitre of the camp. Everything seems in place.
  • surreptitiously Definition: In a way that attempts to avoid notice or attention;Synonym: secretively.
  • Incontinently
  • Vicinity
  • Reconnoitre
  • Surreptitiously
  • The robber surreptitiously made his way past the security guards.