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project 2
Updated: 6/1/2020
project 2
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  • It appears you have lung cancer in the peripheral zone of your lung. I will perform a thoracotomy to verify my findings of lung disease. If possible, we will also remove part of the lung where disease is occurring.
  • Unfortunately, I was not able to remove all of the disease surgically. I can confirm that you have NSCLC, with large cell carcinoma pathology. The next step would be to undergo radiation therapy treatment. Before we begin planning for your radiation therapy treatment you will have a CT to determine any metastatic disease.
  • Luckily, there appears to be no metastatic disease and only local disease confined to the lung. You will receive radiation therapy for a total of 6000-7000cGy. You will receive 180-200cGy a day for about 35 fractions along with systemic chemotherapy. We will also use off axis points to avoid critical structures such as your heart and spinal cord, as well as IMRT to shape the treatment fields.
  • No I do not have any questions.
  • Welcome to your simulation! Today you will have a CT to determine where the doctor wants to target the radiation. We will be creating immobilization devices as well as creating tattoos on your skin to line you up for treatment everyday. Do you have any questions?...... We will see you in a few days for your first day of treatment!
  • Your simulation went well! It is important to keep your skin dry before any treatment and avoid any cologones or deodorant. Use an electric shaver if you must shave, and remove any ointments or lotions before treatment. It is important to maintain a healthy diet; A nutritionist can be provided to you. Side effects you may experience are erythema, esophagitis, dysphagia and chronic cough. We will have weekly status check ups to see how you are doing. Goodluck!
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