Reaching For the Shining Starz
Updated: 5/2/2020
Reaching For the Shining Starz

Storyboard Text

  • Every year the number of humans being sex trafficked grows immensely. There were over 1,000 reported cases in the state of Ohio just in the year of 2019. Children, young adults and fully grown adults are being trapped in this horrible process with little hope to get out. -Play soft, slow music in background. Slow transitions to next frame
  • Many cases aren't even counted for, and there are far too many people engulfed in this horrific process. Reaching For the Shining Starz is here to change that. We are a nonprofit in Columbus Ohio, with dreams of taking shining stars out of the sex trafficking process and into a home where they are protected and can get back to a normal lifestyle- Have car driving from street to house; light background, blue sky, sun shining bright
  • Each week, we are busy handing out meals and hygiene bags that are prepared for these individuals involved in sex trafficking. -Continue soft music in background to grasp emotion - Show women giving bag to sex trafficking victim
  • Do you want to be someone's hero? Start here by donating to
  • Making the world a better place, one state at a time.