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Updated: 9/17/2018
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math project

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  • "Oakley" by: Brooke Turner 
  • Oakley is at a height of 12 feet in a tree. She wants to reach the mouse, and needs to know the distance between her and the mouse. The angle of depression is 62 degrees, and she uses trig to discover the distance between her and the mouse. She finds that 12 /sin (62) is 13.6. the distance between her and the mouse is 13.6 feet.
  • 12 ft
  • 62 degrees
  • x
  • The next day, Oakley saw a fawn and a doe while she was searching for mice. At a distance of 19 feet from the ground while in flight, and an angle of elevation of 36 degrees, Oakley wants to know what her distance from the fawn would be if she landed on the ground directly underneath where she is currently positioned in the air. She again uses trig, and discovers that 19/ tan (36) = 26.2 feet.
  • 36 degrees
  • X
  • 19 ft
  • At sunset, Oakley spots a night owl emerging in the sky just as she also spots a mouse. She sits 17 feet away from the mouse, and 29 feet away from the owl. She needs to know her angle of depression, and uses trig, which has proven to be helpful in the past. She concludes that cos-1 (17/29) is 54.1 degrees.
  • X
  • 29 feet
  • 17 feet
  • She then majestically flies back home as it turns into night time
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