Updated: 5/26/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I cry out as all that was once mine is taken. I cry out as all is that is mine is taken from me i regret crying immediately. They stare at me fear rushes through my body. I know by their look that I will not survive the night. I need to get out of here and fast. i don't know how far i will get for all i have are the clothes on my back
  • i wait for everyone else to be asleep and then i run away i run towards the woods in hope of seeking shelter at least i have somewhere to go my sister tribe is on the other side of the forest i know they will have me or at least i hope so. I am so fed up of the romans us celts are human too
  • As daytime approaches I know I need to find water i look for water and can not find any i am able to make a spear and catch a rabbit
  • I wake up to the sound of romans looking for me. I climb up a tree. I have no energy from lack of water. I hope they won't see me up here. And luckily they pass me by.
  • Im just about to climb down and continue you're looking for water when i see a friendly face its someone from my sister tribe she says she will have to take me to her tribal leader
  • i go up to him and ask hume to let me stay he agrees and lets me stay here