Bible Storyboard E vs C
Updated: 3/26/2021
Bible Storyboard E vs C

Storyboard Text

  • ?
  • Evolution is the only way!!
  • Hello sir, I couldn't help but over hear your conversation with your friend over there.
  • Yes exactly, a lot of people tend to think about the straight facts. But if science is the answer to everything, then science would able to answer the question "what is your name?" Which it can't. Therefore evolution can't be true, we can't be mutations and evolve from one thing to the next.
  • Yes sir, we were talking about how evolution is the only way that the earth was created and thriving.
  • I'm going to have to disagree with you sir. Just think about it, how could everything be designed so perfectly precise without a creator.
  • Well you see, it's really quite simple. Life randomly popped into existence through natural processes and single cell evolution.
  • But how would we have morals? we were designed by the Creator (God) who has written on our hearts so that we can have morals and know what's right and wrong?
  • I always thought that the universe was made through spontaneous generation and that the origin of the universe was just random. But how you describe it, makes a lot of sense. I always thought we just knew our morals from birth.
  • All of our DNA is different because God made us all unique?
  • Is there anyway that I can learn more about God and Christianity?
  • Yes!! Let's walk inside this store and pick up a Bible. And if you want, you're welcome to accompany to church this week!