christiane transexual
Updated: 2/13/2020
christiane transexual

Storyboard Text

  • Hi ! I'm going to tell the true story of a woman who was born in the wrong body , the body of a man.
  • People who are in the body of the wrong gender are called "transexuals"
  • Christiane , the woman i am talking about is a transexual, she is in a transition path wich consits in developing her hair , chest ,in elarging her hips and so on... To have the body of a women who fils with her way of thinking.
  • Hi ! i'm Christiane
  • One day, in the subway a youngman taken Christiane apart
  • Come with me
  • He beat her up ; her nose and lips were exploded.
  • The fact that a young man can just take apart a girl who just want to live her life the sexuality she has chosen...
  • ...shows how people can be so narrow-minded