Updated: 1/10/2020
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  • "A" is for anger issues.Ever since i was small i would get mad fast. Dealing with anger issues can be hard for some like for example, if you aren't able t control it you can spiral out and sometimes black out and don't remember anything.But me, i know how to control myself and when i get upset i have a method of remembering a soothing song i listened to and calming down.It's a good method when being really mad.Moving on, to deal with my rage my stepdad started to get me to box. Professionally? No way! Sometimes we"ll go to the park or the gym and just practice. I know how to control myself but when i get really mad..oh no. All i can is.. it run in my blood.
  • "D" is for dolls. Growing up, i loved dolls. Shoot.. my whole closet was full of them.Starting off with 10 dolls i played with them everyday.. it was the most fun moments i had.My fasmily used to play them with me too.. it was a nice family moment.Then, growing uo i had at least 50 dolls in a bin in my room. I was so in love with my dolls they were like little children to me .Playing with them was like creating my own life story with me in control.At home currently i have at least 100 dolls with a bunch of barbie houses and accessories.Dolls will still be a thing i'll play with because theyre so fun.It was just a very fun moment and fun moments you can create with your family or on your own.
  • " B " is for Bronx. I was born and halfway raised in the Bronx. It was fun and very noisy. My family was known so i practically knew everyone and did a lot of fun things. There was these little watermelon lollipops i used to get in a bag from the store that was so good..never tasted a candy that was better than that lollipop.Just know, those was some good times.Though, it had some times it was bad like all the noise throughout the night and the animals but the train was a plus. It opened my eyes to evaluate different people and different places.Its also a lot of terms Atlanta people don't know about..its fun. Its like having our own language.New York was a time that i would love to relive and i'm absolutely visiting back there when i get older or even going to college there.
  • "C" is for Chanel.Chanel is a brand of handbags and fragrances i like.its cute and makes you feel alive.My friends also call me "Chanel bag" like this brand.I love Chanel..it also so significant due to all it's history.When i get older i'm most definitely having half of my closet filled with Chanel.Moving on, Chanel is also the name of my favorite aesthetic song. "Chanel" by Frank Ocean. Its also so aoothing and pure to listen to.I love hearing songs with my name in it. These are my favorite things with "Chanel".
  • "E" is for Easter. Every Easter we would go to our family house and Easter egg hunt.Sometimes we would go to our local church and egg hunt or volunteer.Easter was my favorite time of the year because of all the chocolates.Lets not talk about the outfits now! I loved picking out a Easter dress with a cute bow.Now, on Easter sometimes we would go to Atlantic station or simply stay home and have fun activities with each other.Its a nice family moment to enjoy and spend together. Holidays get more and more interesting!Starting the year off with positivity we'll start spending more time on Easter. Maybe even try to do more activities and find something new to do.
  • "F" is for family.I love my family, they're probably the best family you can have. With my mother being from the Bronx and me from the Bronx..you can bet we be having the most fun.Lets not get started on my brother he's probably the strongest little baby hulk i ever met.My stepdad is funny too.. we do everything together that's athletic. I wouldn't ask for any other family!Moving on, when i say we do everything together.. we do everything together ! With my mom we go shopping and do girly stuff together all the time.With my step dad we play basketball every Sunday and do the athletic stuff together. Me and my brother do everything together too! We're a positive household too so there is barely any argument so anything. The best family ever!
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