Me and Bob, A Science Project (part 2)
Updated: 4/2/2020
Me and Bob, A Science Project (part 2)
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Bob is friend

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  • Cool, yum. :P
  • First things first, we need to know what organisms are! An organism is a singular living thing, like that fish!
  • *plays with rock*
  • Next, a population is a number of the same species living in the same area, like that HUGE school of fish!
  • :)
  • Next on our journey, we are on an island! This island is a community, which is different organisms living and mingling together!
  • Here we are, at the beach, which is an ecosystem. An ecosystem is when a community interacts, eats or plays with there home. Aww! Look at the animals!
  • One of our last destinations is an even BIGGER island! This island has abiotic factors, which are nonliving things, like the rocks, or the water.
  • I'm not an abiotic factor. :)
  • Finally, there are biotic factors. Those are living things like me, bob, and those animals! Did you have a good time, Bob?
  • Yas, that was a good adventure. :)
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