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Updated: 2/24/2020
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  • The lovers fighting
  • My fair Lysander what is going on?
  • Stop mocking me!
  • I love you! I admire your beauty.
  • Oberon wanting to take the boy from Titania
  • You can't have the boy. His mother served me now I serve her by taking care of her boy.
  • Oh, wait, I will get that boy.
  • Egeus wanting Hermia to marry Demetrius
  • I love no other man but Lysander.
  • You must obey your father.
  • You must listen to your father and marry me!
  • You must marry Demetrius for he is worthy!
  • After Puck put the potion on the wrong person's eyes and then tries to correct the mistake by putting the potion on the other guy's eyes the four-fight. Hermia is upset that both the men don't love her anymore and they both love Helena. Lysander and Hermia planned to get married and now that won't happen
  • Resolution
  • Lets get married.
  • You are my love!
  • Oberon wants to make the boy his henchman. Titania was not giving up the boy. This made Oberon mad.
  • Resolution
  • HAHAHA! The child is now mine!
  • Hermia didn't want to marry Demetrius but, her father was forcing her to marry Demetrius but she wanted Lysander. Egeus, Hermia's father brought the issue to Theseus the king to help. This was a conflict that impacted a lot of the story.
  • Resolution
  • I love Helena now.
  • They are happy.
  • What is Hermia doing with Lysander. She is supposed to marry Demetrius. Theseus do something.
  • Helena and Demetrius love each other. Hermia and Lysander love each other since Puck put love potion back on Lysander's eyes to make him fall back in love with Hermia.
  • Oberon put the love potion on Titania's eyes to make her fall in love with him. After Titania fell in love with him he stole the Indian boy from Titania.
  • I love you, Oberon!
  • Egeus wants Theseus to help him with Hermia but everyone is happy. Theseus says Egeus needs to let Hermia marry Lysander because everyone is happy. Theseus tells everybody that it will be a wedding for three couples.
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