Macbeth and Lady Macbeth
Updated: 3/13/2020
Macbeth and Lady Macbeth
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  • The Talk
  • Great idea honey
  • Killing Part 1
  • why are you doing this!
  • Down Hill
  • I cant live like this anymore
  • Lady Macbeth wants to go back to school to be a doctor just like Macbeth so that they can work together in killing people at the hospital.
  • Killing Part 2
  • Macbeth kills the chief of the hospital so that he can get promoted. No one knows he did it besides Lady Macbeth, but the police are doing very deep investigations.
  • The Wire
  • Interesting
  • Lady Macbeth is seriously struggling in college since she didn't realize that becoming a doctor was so difficult, all the stuff with Macbeth pushing he to keep quiet, and with all the police asking her questions about the death and what she knows.
  • The Arrest
  • Even though Macbeth knows that his wife killed herself he could really careless. So he continued on with his killings going onto his best friend and coworker Banquo. So he invited him over for dinner and poisoned his food and he slowly died.
  • All while Macbeth has Banquo over for dinner Banquo has a wire on and police man Macduff is right side waiting to hear something so they can arrest him. The police had been closing in on Macbeth ever since he killed the chief of the hospital.
  • Officer Macduff busts in the door because he didnt hear Banquo anymore after they had eaten. He caught Macbeth dragging Banquos body to the bath tub just beside the kitchen. They had finally caught their killer and he cant practice medicine anymore.
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