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The Odyssey
Updated: 9/12/2020
The Odyssey
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  • Passing the Sirens and Scylla
  • Odysseus ship is destroyed by Zeus
  • Odysseus Washes Up on Calypsos Island
  • After being released off of Circes Island, Odysseus and his crew had to travel pass the Sirens and the Scylla to get back to Ithaca. Informing the Crew about the challenges ahead, Circe says, "But once your crew has rowed you past the sirens a choice of routes is yours,"(pg.273).
  • Odysseus Returns to Ithaca and plans to kill the suitors
  • I am Odysseus!
  • After staying on Thrinacia for a couple of months, the crew gave into temptation and ate Helios' cattle, even knowing the consequences, which was death. "... the Zeus the son of Cronus mounted a thunderhead above our hollow ship and the deep went black beneath it," (pg. 283).
  • Odysseus kills the suitors
  • Odysseus washed up onto Calypsos Island after his ship got struck down without his crew. Calypsos then Imprisoned him on her island for seven years. "Now he is left on an island, racked with grief in the nymph Calypso's house- she holds him there by force,"(pg.153).
  • Odysseus proves that he is not an imposter and is Penelopes husband
  • No one can move our bed its impossible
  • Once Odysseus is back in Ithaca Athena disguises him in rags so no one recognizes him he talks with one of his loyal swineherd but then tells his son(Telemachus) about his plan to kill the suitors. "Trust me,' his seasoned father reassured him,not when we and the suitors put out fighting strength to proof in my own halls!"(pg.347).
  • After Penelope's bow competition, Odysseus pulled the bow with ease and turned to the suitors and killed them each one by one. "Now stripping back is rags Odysseus master of craft and battle vaulted onto the great threshold, gripping his bow and quiver..."(pg.439).
  • Penelope decides to test Odysseus and tells him that their bed will just be moved to another room, but Odysseus knowing better tells her that their bed cannot be moved unless it is chopped down(he made it out of a tree), this is the point where Odysseus passes Penelope's test. (Athena changes his looks back to normal). "Penelope felt her knees go slack, her heart surrender, recognizing the strong clear signs Odysseus offered," (pg.462).
  • It really is you Odysseus!
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