A civil case
Updated: 2/22/2021
A civil case

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  • A civil lawsuit is different than other lawsuits as it is based on non-criminal terms. Typically, a plaintiff (the person initiating the lawsuit) files a complaint against the defendant (the person being accused) based on contractual incidents or accidents. The plaintiff is usually looking to recover money or to allow/disallow certain acts. The following process explains the steps of a civil lawsuit.
  • If you are considering going to court, talk to your potential representatives before filing a lawsuit. Your attorney can help you determine whether you have a valid case and if it will be likely to make it to court. These consultations are confidential, making it easy to confide every detail of the case to your attorney. Your attorney will help you determine if you need to file your case with a federal or state judge.
  • Every civil lawsuit is different and there is no set timeline to expect for your case. Even the initial step of filing a lawsuit is time-consuming. However, at Hopkins Roden, we work exceptionally hard to resolve your situation diligently and are conscientious of your time.