Trabajo de Ingles
Updated: 6/4/2020
Trabajo de Ingles

Storyboard Text

  • Huh, Okay?
  • Sorry guys, I have something important to care off. If I don´t attend it, I will be in problems.
  • There is no problem, I will go there right now.
  • One person attack my restaurant, and keep all my money. He said he was going kill me if I called you.
  • Ok, I must stop this fast, But first I need a plan.
  • If I hide me in the building roof, I will capture the thief in time.
  • If I were a thieff, I should be scared.
  • ¡Ha,Ha,Ha, that was very easy!
  • You will be a long time in jail, before stealing again.
  • ¡Oh Jesus!.
  • Thanks very much Spider man.