Act 4, Scene 3

Updated: 5/13/2020
Act 4, Scene 3

Storyboard Text

  • Me? Greedy?! If you were someone else that speech would be your last!
  • You have wronged me! You have taken bribes and even ignored my letters. I know that he was innocent!
  • You should be in the wrong for trying to defend such a man. For you are a greedy man who have done bad things as well.
  • Because of your name, these actions will be unpunished. Remember March 15th, didn't Caesar bleed for justice?
  • Do not provoke me Brutus for you are forgetting that I am a soldier! So do not push me any further if you know whats best for you.
  • Who among us stabbed him for any other reason apart from justice? Did we strike one of the most powerful men to support robbers?I would rather be a dog than that kind of Roman
  • I claimed no such thing, I simply said I was an older soldier. If Caesar were alive, he wouldn't of dared cross me.
  • Has it come to this?
  • Go ahead, be provoked and make people fear you, but not I. I will not cower down to your threats. You'll have to choke on your own poison before you will get a response from me. From now on you will be the fool of my jokes.
  • You started this, you claimed to be a better soldier.
  • I did not,He was but a fool that brought
  • A friend should bear his friend's infirmities,But Brutus makes mine greater than they are.
  • There is no terror, Cassius, in your threats, For I am armed so strong in honesty I did send toFor certain sums of gold, which you denied me, For I can raise no money by vile means
  • Antony and young Octavius come here and revenge yourself against Cassius, for Cassius is hated by one he loves. There is my dagger and here is my bare chest with a valuable heart inside. If you are a Roman, take my heart out and strike as you did to Caesar, you still loved him better than you love me
  • A friend would over see that
  • You don’t love me
  • I don’t like your faults
  • No, not even a flatter would
  • Put your dagger away, be angry whenever you want, it's alright with me. Do what you want, I will say your insults are just a bad mood, you are partners with a quiet lamb. My anger is like a flint sparking-a brief spark, and then I am cold again.
  • You admit it then give me your hand.
  • Have I lived this long only to be a joke when your angry
  • And my heart too.
  • When I said that I was angry too.