Thesis: UC
Updated: 3/23/2020
Thesis: UC

Storyboard Text

  • Pepper give me the patient status.
  • Patient suffering from tachychardia and tachyapnea. Details available on tablet
  • Thanks Pepper. Can you notify the patient's relatives
  • Yes Doctor
  • Previous records show she suffered respiratory issues.
  • She has metastases in her bowel and lungs. It might be difficult to save her and her quality of life may not be adequate.
  • Oh no! How serious is it?
  • Mr.Greg, your mother Mrs.Vance is in the ICU.
  • If treatment without pain is not possible, she wished to not be resuscitated
  • Alright, submit the proof along the the NFR form at the reception.We will proceed with palliative care.
  • Doctor, please, save my mother! I want her to be cured
  • Doctor, please do what is right!
  • Hmm. We are trying our best. Once we get more test results we can decide what to do
  • Aggressive treatment puts her at risk of death but palliative care is also an option considering the relative's requests. Reports can be accesed from the tablet
  • Pepper, considering her age and ailments, how successful will treatment be?