Thesis UC2
Updated: 3/23/2020
Thesis UC2

Storyboard Text

  • Hmm! Thanks for the reports Pepper. We will proceed with treatment
  • The patient's son insisted that she not receive aggressive treatment. Treatment is also highly risky. Are you sure about your decision?
  • I think we should stick with providing treatment
  • Doctor, are you sure? The patient's wishes should be respected as per the Code of Ethics. I want to ensure that you have everything under consideration.
  • The alternative is to provide palliative care. Can you provide more context?
  • Since the patient cannot respond we have to take into account the son's words. However, the daughter wants her mother to be cured. Reflection is important here but time is also of the essence!
  • Taking everything into consideration, treatment is the best option. Prepare treatment procedures
  • Okay, doctor. Let me notify the rest of the medical team
  • Doctor, how satisfied are you with the decision?I hope my presence and information has helped you reach an ethical decision
  • I'm mostly happy with the decision taken.
  • Thank you doctor. I'm available whenver you need me
  • Thank you, Pepper