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My script
Updated: 9/25/2020
My script
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  • Scene #1 Take #1
  • Hey, how are you?
  • Scene #1 Take #2
  • I just wish there was a robot that can do everything for us, you know what Im saying?
  • Im fine, Hey, is it just me or why is laundry so hard.
  • Its not you, its also hard for me too.
  • Yeah....
  • Do you think that is a good idea?
  • Im fine, how about you?
  • Scene #1 Take #3
  • We should probably head inside....
  • Yeah
  • Ok
  • :03 sec scene
  • Scene #2 Take #4
  • Hey guys, um, I heard y´all ideas and i thought it was great
  • Talking about why sometimes doing laundry is hard
  • Scene #3 Take #5
  • Thinking of the idea of robots.
  • Scene #4 Take #6
  • This 2 men came up with a good idea, and the idea is to have robots do our laundry,
  • Woah, that is a good i have never thought of, I will make sure that happens.
  • Hi, how can I help you with
  • I also made a drawing
  • They where about to do laundry but someone supported their idea.
  • Really!!?
  • Awesome!!!
  • Yeah
  • They are about to ask the lady about the idea of a robot.
  • We should ask the front desk to see if that is a good idea.
  • There she is
  • I will draw a quick picture of a robot.
  • yes, we have washing machines but like robots taking our clothes and doing laundry.
  • Telling the lady about the idea of the robot.
  • Awesome
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