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Bryan Benito
Updated: 10/9/2020
Bryan Benito
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Storyboard Description

It’s about the creation of the map

Storyboard Text

  • Hi I’m Anaximander and let’s talk about the map. So I am the one who created the map also I made 5 different parts let me show you
  • So while we are heading to the museum let’s talk about on of the 5 geography themes. Let’s talk about location. Location is like 34 degrees west or 54 degrees south, and then there’s absolute location it describes a places exact location
  • So we are here now but before we go inside let’s talk about “place” place explores the physical and human features that make a city, state, or country unique. Example the oranges and theme parks in Florida is what makes it unique. I think we should go inside now
  • Now we have regions. Regions are areas that share common features a region may be land, water, or a state and country for instance New England is in Northern America
  • So let’s talk about movement while we are going back home. Movement explains how and why people, ideas, and things move. Example a group of people may move for various reasons ideas spread from one place to another
  • So before I go let’s talk about human enviorment interactions. Human enviorment interaction is when a human interacts with the enviorment. Example the early natives used plants, animals, and land for resources and to build houses. Anyways I hope you had fun today goodbye
  • Before I go there’s one last thing it’s human enviorment interactions. Human wnviorment interaction is when a human interacts with the enviorment. Example early natives used plants for resources, but it’s not always bad. So I hope you had fun today goodbye
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