Updated: 6/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Narrator and her sister arrive at old Miss Crossmans house with their bodies wet.
  • Narrator admires Eugenie roberts. She heard rumors at school that Eugenie was dating a high schooler, and played the piano perfectly. It was almost as if her life was just perfect. She also notices the beautiful white umbrella sitting below Eugenie.
  • Eugene's mother arrives and Eugene is ready to leave. as Eugenes moms car backs out of the driveway,Narrator realizes that Eugene has left her umbrella in  Miss Crossmans home. She runs to the window to scream "wait" but shes too late.
  • Miss crossman offer to clean Monas glasses after claiming "They're filthy". Narrator feels embarrassed of her sister "Mona"
  • Narrator is told that the umbrella that she had seen near Eugene was never Eugene's in the first place. Miss crossman even gave Narrator the umbrella as a gift and after this Narrator said she wished miss Crossman was her mother.
  • Narrator throws the white umbrella in a sewer after her mother almost dies in a car crash. As she throws away the umbrella, she throws away that hope of living a different life.