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Distance and displacement
Updated: 10/2/2020
Distance and displacement
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  • I will be showing you the difference between distance and displacement and my walk to school and back will help explain
  • My home will be the initial location
  • I always like to go this store that’s passed my school before school starts so that I can buy some drinks
  • The store is 5.9 miles away from my house
  • Right now my distance would be 5.9miles and my displacement would be the same
  • Right after the store I go straight to school
  • This would now make my distance 7.8 miles and my displacement 4 miles
  • I had to walk back 1.9 miles to get to school
  • After school I usually like to go to my friends house to study
  • His house 1.3 miles away from the school in the direction of my home
  • This would make mom distance 9.1 miles and my displacement 2.7 miles
  • After my friends house I go straight to my house which is 2.7 miles away Fromm my house
  • Now let’s go inside see if you were able to get what distance and displacement
  • At this point my distance would be 11.8 miles and my displacement 0 miles
  • And that is difference between distance and displacement
  • Distance is how much I walked in total so to solve you would have to add up add the distances
  • X=xf-xox=(5.9-1.9)-0x=4equation for displacement
  • I would add 5.9, 1.9, 1.3, and 2.7 making a total 11.8 miles
  • So every time I moved my position would change based on how far I am from my house
  • Displacement is the the overall change in position from the start
  • At the store it was 5.9 miles because the store is 5.9 miles from my house
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