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Diction and Dialect MS. BYRNE
Updated: 10/11/2019
Diction and Dialect MS. BYRNE
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  • So the green villian named swamp and lives moslty in water so he can breathe and talk under water and outside the prision the is a river. He getting ready to escape prision. He has digged up a hole behind that yellow poster.
  • I'm finally bout to get out this dump (Speaking With British accent
  • What Dialect I used?
  • Bout to be free
  • *Brick Breaking*
  • What Diction I used
  • Back to Jail you go bud (In robot vioce)
  • Your not taking me anywhere
  • *Wispering* I bet you lunch he tries to run for it
  • Uhh you medeling kids
  • you never know buck
  • Were you thing your going mister
  • He has digged up a hole behind that yellow poster. He takes of the yellow poster and starts to move the bricks and crawl out. He has escaped and heading towards the water when the do heros, the kid Roger and robot Buck come capture him and bring him back to prision
  • The Villian swamp talkes in a british
  • The Robot says, "Back to jail you go" and the villian says, "your not taking me anywhere" that is a example of diction
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