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Little Red Cap
Updated: 5/21/2020
Little Red Cap
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  • Little Red Cap's mother told her to bing some wine and cake to her grandmother's house in the woods because she was not feeling well.
  • Little Red Cap ran into a wolf who asked where she was going. She told the wolf her grandmother was not feeling well so she was bringing her cake and wine. The wolf told Little Red Cap that her grandmother would love flowers as well, so Little Red Cap strayed from the path to pick some flowers.
  • While Little Red Cap was picking flowers, the wolf snuck into her grandmother's house and gobbled her up. Then, he lay in her bed and waited for Little Red Cap.
  • When Little Red Cap arrived at her grandmother's house the door was open. She went into her grandmother's bedroom and noticed how big her grandmother's ears, eyes, hands, and teeth were. Then, the wolf jumped up from the bed and gobbled up Little Red Cap and fell asleep.
  • A huntsman was passing by the cabin and heard loud snoring. He knew this couldn't be the old lady so he went inside to see if something was wrong.
  • When the huntsman saw the wolf laying in the old lady's bed, he took his scissors and cut open the wolf's stomach. Little Red Cap and her grandmother emerged from the wolf's belly. They were both okay and they knew how to fight off the wolf the next time.
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