crashing my bike
Updated: 1/12/2021
crashing my bike

Storyboard Description

so i tried my best to accurately reenact what happened but it doesn't show very well: my brother asked me if i wanted to try jumps with him when i was about 6 years old, so we rode down our driveway and had a little ramp at the end that went onto the grass. on my first attempt, i hit a rock poking out on my gravel driveway, and my handlebars started wobbling so i ended up getting thrown over the handlebars. my brother bryce ran over to me and carried me into the house, with my injuries i couldn't walk. my mom told bryce to put me on the bathroom counter so she could clean all the blood off of me. i cut open my forehead, scraped both knees and elbows deep enough to consistently bleed and scraped my chin as well. my mother cleaned me up and wrapped me up, and i stayed away from bikes for a while :).
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