America Joins WW1
Updated: 12/2/2020
America Joins WW1

Storyboard Text

  • US Neutrality
  • We will be impartial in thought and action!
  • German Occupation of Belgium
  • We will continue to grow in power! Force is needed.
  • Sinking of Luisitania
  • Unarmed and innocent! What did we do to deserve this?
  • President Woodrow Wilson wanted the US to stay neutral at the beginning of the World War 1. US has Citizens on both sides of conflicts.
  • Zimmerman Telegraph
  • Germany Supporting Mexico's attack against us? Something needs to be done!
  • Germany strength increases and the US begins to see this as a threat. They declare war on France and cross through Belgium, without getting involved with the French, by force and power.
  • Germany- Submarine Warfare
  • Germany: Why would we ever get rid of submarines? They help us win
  • The British's U-boat The Lusitania sunk due to Germany killing 1,195 people but more importantly 128 Americans. Germany and the US's relationship was destroyed leading to the US entering in World War l.
  • US Economic Interest
  • The US decoded the message that Germany would support Mexico's attack on the US if the US entered the war on the side of the Allies. Mexico would gain the opportunity to annex "lost territories". This was a threat to the US,
  • Zimmermann Telegraph Message REAVEALED!
  • The US wanted an end to Germany to attacking innocent and unarmed ships like the Lusitania (killing Americans). Germany banned U-boat warfare altogether, however Germany did not continue to keep their promise. Submarines were a key strategy for war and the continued to go down an aggressive path,
  • US: They broke their promise!
  • The US's economy productions increased with items such as tools, weapons, and materials when they were in a state of neutrality before entering the war. They provided for The Allies until Congress declares war on Germany. The US made this conversion easy with their productions, expansion, and mobilization.
  • So many products made that will soon be put to use! Easy!
  • Warning