Farmer picture notes
Updated: 12/14/2020
Farmer picture notes

Storyboard Text

  • Geographical luck
  • the discovery of land that is hospitable and has all the necessary resources helped the hunters and gatherers find a place to settle
  • fertile soil
  • river
  • animals for food
  • many animals were found on the land they wanted to settle on so they hunted and killed the animals.
  • animals for work, food, and fertilizer
  • animals at the end were used to create these fields and are resting and eating which will help the farmers fertalizer
  • the switch from hunting and gathering began with the adventure and realization of fertile grounds. The finding of a stable water source for both plants and life was a jackpot. And to add on to the the riches the soil provided, animals were also available.
  • Domesticated plants and staple crops for food surplus
  • here you have a man and his goat who has had great success growing rye in which he can now make food from
  • here you see a picture of women picking fruits (this is when you start to see gender roles come into place)
  • With the surplus in water and fertile grounds many animals roamed the areas that the farmers would settle at. Starting from hunting and gathering they knew how to hunt and a found a way to incorporate the hunting of animals into farming.
  • Food surplus created opportunities for specialized workers
  • animals were domesticated to work on the fields for the farmers and also were kept for dairy, meat, and reproductive purposes. Then with the waste of the animal they would use it as fertilizer for their crops which made the cycle of vegetation and meat almost infinite.
  • Sustained larger population centers or cities
  • here you can see a grouping of people and the trades they provide for there larger community to keep growing
  • As the work went on and time passed by the beginning of agriculture came about as the new way of living. This new surplus in food led to permanent dwellings instead of constantly traveling for food.
  • after creating civilizations the neolithic people had more opportunities to create jobs for themselves, including farming which included many tasks unlike the paleolithic era in which every person had one task.
  • With more surplus in food and the dwellings coming about there were more groups with bigger populations and with more jobs and trades for others to provide.
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