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Updated: 3/1/2019
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  • No way Abbott. No way!
  • that was a charge, that basket doesn't count 
  • Every guy on the court knew Trent was cheating, but nobody wanted to back me up. I can't blame them
  • Let's go.
  • Trent left without saying "good game" or anything no "good bye see you later". One of the guys called him a jerk but not till he was out of hearing range.
  • What a jerk
  • Says who? Last time I checked the back yard was for all of us
  • NO Matthew for the last time your not gonna destroy my flower garden
  • My parents where arguing about something but I didn't quite hear all of it, it was something about the back yard but mom was sounding mad
  • Trent Dawnson was new to the neighborhood. The Dawnson's moved into a good clean house but after a few months that house was dirty with broken windows and trash up front. When I heard about me and Trent where the same age I thought cool. Now I got someone to play ball with but Trent wasn't like that, he'd would beat you up and enjoy it.
  • Not everybody liked the Downson's, specially my dad he saw them as freeloaders my mom didn't she would say you never really know someones situation or what they where going through. Trent went to my school along with brother Zack was older though they whern't really good students either with Trent failling most of his classes
  • It turned out my dad wanted to build a basketball court in the back yard and end up doing it. With Clay Tombson who was Trent's mom boyfriend . I found it shocking. A few wek's latter my parents got divorce.
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